Drip Skateboards was founded in 2019 with the idea to come up with a great new deck brand that offers cool and clean designs, great shapes and concaves and last but not least a very good quality! The most important thing for us was to offer all of that for a more than fair and affordable price! 

It took a little while but we managed to put everything together perfectly and we are able to sell you guys some great 7ply canadian maple skateboard decks starting at only 39,99€.

Every Drip Deck will come with a free sheet of standard Griptape & Drip Stickers. It doesn't matter if you buy them through our German & Austrian partner shop or through VMS Distribution. 
39,99€ - 44,99€ with Grip & Stickers. 

The company itself is located in Germany but we already worked everything out before the product release so all of our stuff will be available in selected countries across Europe as well. VMS also offers shipping.

So now grab a fresh Drip Deck and enjoy your session! 

Drip Skateboards DRIP - Pinapples Deck 7Ply Premium Canadian Maple Skate Board Decks. Designed in Germany, Europe.